• G22 Vented Contemporary Burner
  • G22 Vented Contemporary Burner

G22 Vented Contemporary Burner

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G22 Vented Contemporary Burner 

Featured Highlights:

  •  All Stainless Steel construction
  •  Burner with elevated tapered platform and mirrored
    front and back panels provides a modern look
  • Burns cleanly with glass/gems directly on
    burner ports providing a beautiful sea of flames
  • Extra high, extra deep flame appearance
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use
  • Automatic pilot with remote for easy on/off control
  • Can be accessorized on the front with
    additional Fyre Glass or Fyre Gems
  • Burner can ONLY be used in vented applications

Available with either:
Factory installed for easy remote control ignition
with a standing pilot to light.
Electronic ignition on/off remote control with
no standing pilot


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