• Grill Cover (fits all "regular size" grills)

Grill Cover (fits all "regular size" grills)

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  • Grill Cover $60.00 $70.00


Grill Cover 

(fits all "regular size" grills)

The NEW full length Canvas Deluxe Grill Cover will shield your grill from the elements and look great while protecting your investment. The sturdy side clasps allow for a secure fitted appearance and will keep your grill cover from ending up in your neighbor's yard. Vented sides help prevent moisture buildup inside the cover. Water actually beads up and almost rolls off this urethane-coated polyester fabric. Lightweight but strong, this cover is mildew resistant and is finished for a superior UV fade resistance. The manufacturer says it will NOT crack in cold weather! This fabric is often used for marine tops and covers, golf cart tops and equipment covers. We think it will do a great job covering your Holland Grill.

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