• Tankless Water Heater NR83

Tankless Water Heater NR83

Water Heater

by Noritz

Currently Unavailable
  • NR83 $1,330.00 $1,981.76


Home Size:          Southern climate: 2-3 baths
                             Northern climate: 1-2 baths
Indoor Unit Dimensions:       23.6” (H) x 13.8” (W) x 9.4” (D)
Weight:           49 lbs.
Gas Consumption:      Min. 18,000 btuh
                                    Max. 180,000 btuh
Capacity Range:           0.5-8.3 Gal./min.
Energy Factor:              DVC: 0.85
Thermal Efficiency:      85%
Temperature Settings:   100-140° F (in 5° F Intervals), 9 options

Most Advanced Green Design: The NR83 demonstrates Noritz’s commitment to being the tankless leader. With the NR83 Noritz shows its dedication to reduce environmental burdens and atmospheric pollution.

The NR83-DVC is the best 180,000 btuh concentric model in the category with many industry-first features. Equipped with a commercial-grade heat exchanger and green Eco-Burner, the NR83 is the perfect mix of professional power and environmental consciousness.

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