Permit Applications

  • Building Permit Application  This application should be used for any residential or commercial permit to do building-related work. This applies to new construction as well as projects and remodeling. Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing work are also included. Please allow up to 10 days for residential plan reviews.
  • Residential Building Plan Review Requirements (PDF): Verify your application meets the 2018 SC Building Code and ensure prompt plan review by Fountain Inn's Building Official and Permit Specialist.
  • Sign Permit Application: Zoning regulations govern the allowed location, size, and type of signs. This application is used for all temporary and permanent signs, including modifying existing signs.
  • New Business Occupancy Permit Application (PDF): Verifies use is permitted under zoning. Used for all potential businesses before a Business License will be issued.


  • Special Event Permit Application: This application is used for any individual, organization, or agency wishing to conduct public gatherings on the City of Fountain Inn's property. Events include block parties, carnivals, ceremonies, concerts, festivals, road closures, etc.
  • Public Assembly Permit Application (PDF): This application is for individuals, organizations, or agencies wishing to meet, demonstrate, picket, protest, or rally on City of Fountain Property, including streets and parks.
  • Outdoor Displays & Cafes Permit Application (PDF): This application allows outdoor seating, signage, or dining to encroach the sidewalk under certain conditions.
  • Encroachment Permit Application (PDF): Required for any non-permanent or permanent element or structure that extends onto the public property (e.g., city streets).