Main Street

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Home to the region's most comprehensive array of outdoor amenities and a reimagined downtown, the transformative spirit of Fountain Inn has become contagious. As one of South Carolina's fastest-growing cities, we are prioritizing the success of our downtown and local businesses.

Main Street is a technical assistance program that empowers communities as they revitalize their historic downtowns, encouraging economic development and historic preservation.  

Why Main Street?

  • It creates jobs – A revitalized downtown attracts new industry and strengthens service and retail job markets.
  • It saves tax dollars – Revitalization stabilizes and improves a downtown's tax base while also protecting existing investments.
  • It preserves a community's historic resources – In an economically healthy downtown, property owners maintain their historic buildings and preserve an essential part of their community's heritage and identity.
  • It builds community pride – Main Street provides a public space for community members to come together, create new partnerships and celebrate their downtown.

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