Spring Cleaning

To keep Fountain Inn beautiful once a year, our Public Works team sets aside a whole month to pick up items that our sanitation team would not usually collect!

Please schedule your pick-up ahead of time and have your items by the curb at least 3 feet from any mailboxes, cars, etc. 

Every house may receive one pick-up during Spring Cleaning.

For questions contact Fountain Inn Public Works at (864) 409-3310.

  1. Items that can be collected:

    • Furniture (Couches, Mattresses, Dressers, Lamps, etc.)
    • Area Rugs
    • Appliances (Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Hot Water Heaters)
    • Car Tires
    • Metal Items (Bed Frames, Bicycles)
  1. Items that cannot be collected:

    • Household Trash
    • Loose Trash
    • Trees Stumps
    • Auto Parts
    • Hazardous Materials (Oil, Wet Paint, Batteries, Light Bulbs, Antifreeze, etc.)
    • E-Waste including TV